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Magnum Pink & Black Party 2015

3 June, 2015
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It’s been quite lonely being by myself in London since N flew back home almost a week ago. Despite the squabbles and intermittent claustrophobia from being squashed into a tiny room, I’ve found living by myself to not be all that fun.

So when I found out about the Magnum Pink & Black Party a day before the event, I thought it would be a good reason to get out of the house and get some fresh air. The street party was part of a marketing effort by Magnum to promote their two new flavours, the Magnum Pink (raspberry-flavoured) and the Magnum Black (vanilla with expresso swirls). The Magnum Pink is marketed as appealing to your “playful” side while the Magnum Black is supposed to appeal to your “sophisticated” side.

While I enjoyed the event and relished the chance to take a break from studying (it’s exam season) and get a free ice cream, the best part came two days later. Little did I know, one of my shots would eventually be chosen by Magnum UK to be posted on their Facebook page! I was so excited that I couldn’t resist but share their post on my timeline as well. (Yes, I’m sorry that I, too, am occasionally guilty of humble bragging.)

So here’s the picture that caught their attention:

The #Magnum Regent Street Party yesterday. @magnumuk #magnumpink #magnumblack #oxfordcircus #london #potd #picoftheday #vsco #magnumregentst

The #Magnum Regent Street Party yesterday. @magnumuk #magnumpink #magnumblack #magnumregentst

Anyway, back to the event itself.

Boy, did Magnum go all out. There was lots going on besides free ice cream. Numerous retailers and restaurants were offering discounts as part of the event and there were also performances and a fashion show. They had even cleared an area for people to dance as music boomed in the background. Unfortunately, it seemed like only the event staff and two elderly people were up for it when I was there. Most people were just looking on, chuckling to themselves when they saw the two of them moving to the music.




I then quickly joined the queue for the free ice cream since it was still pretty short. You had a choice between the Magnum Black and Pink. Coincidentally, just three days before I had bought a box of Magnum Pink from Sainsbury’s to try because I was attracted to their bright pink packaging. Their product design team have done a good job. The ice cream itself, which was encased in a pearlescent champagne pink chocolate shell, looked very pretty as well.

While I was totally sold on the aesthetics, I wasn’t really blown away with the taste. I thought that the raspberry flavour wasn’t strong enough, though I guess it might be because Magnum still wanted to keep their original vanilla taste and not have it completely overwhelmed with raspberriness.


So this time round, I opted for the Magnum Black and found that I much preferred it as the expresso really comes through. Well, coffee and chocolate always works!





I then went to take a couple of shots of the event, feeling quite disappointed with the gloomy weather.



Spotted this little girl crying when she couldn’t get to try the Magnum Black.


All in all, I enjoyed the event and the overall energy and vibe. I’m really impressed with the length that Magnum went to to promote their new ice creams. I could tell a lot of time and effort went into this, not to mention money. They’ve even got Miranda Kerr promoting it for them.

I think Magnum will be seeing me around for their party again next year. 🙂

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