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Banana Nice Cream with Kinder Bueno

30 April, 2015
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So there’s been this “raw vegan nice cream” thing going around on IG which is basically ice cream made only out of frozen bananas and some milk. I first came across this recipe a couple years ago by chance on some website and was pleasantly surprised at how good it tasted despite being so simple. It’s definitely healthier than your usual ice cream and so can be a nice alternative for when that sweet tooth strikes. Plus you can customise it with your favourite ingredients such as peanut butter, chocolate, or even mix the banana with frozen berries!

I usually add a spoon or two of peanut butter but I sadly ran out of it when I made this. But no worries, the Kinder Bueno made it all better. 😉

So here’s my spin on this nice cream:

Serves 2

  1. 2 large bananas, sliced and frozen
  2. A splash of milk (~ 1 – 2T)
  3. 2 sticks of Kinder Bueno


  1. bananakinder3Blend the frozen banana slices with the milk in a blender. You probably need to scrap down the sides intermittently as the banana will stick to the wall of the blender.
  2. Add in the Kinder Bueno when the banana starts looking like ice cream, and pulse till well mixed.
  3. Serve and enjoy! It’s that simple!

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