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SANA Nameraka Honpo Q10 Face Wash Review

29 April, 2015
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My first Beauty review absolutely has to be on the SANA Nameraka Honpo Q10 face wash. It’s quite a mouthful so let’s just call it the Q10 face wash for short. It is the first face wash that I’ve used consistently over a long period of time and that I’m really pleased with.

Update: This face wash is now on sale in Singapore on my eBay account at It’s cheaper than buying in stores!

I brand-hopped for years trying to find a facial wash that I liked, until one fine day years ago when I randomly picked up this Q10 face wash up off a shelf while shopping. The tube was covered in Japanese words I didn’t completely understand, but I just thought that I’d give it a try, even though I had never even heard of the brand before. It definitely helped that it wasn’t that expensive as it cost only S$17.90 at the departmental store.

It was a good thing I did!

Turns out that this face wash is the number 1 selling face wash in the soy skin care market, at least according to the company itself. But I’ve been so pleased with it that even though I’ve been using this face wash for at least 6 years, I’ve not yet been beset with the urge to try new products, as is often the case with us girls (wink wink 😛 ).

The face wash has a thick, creamy consistency that foams easily. I find that it cleanses well but is not at all drying. In fact, I find it quite moisturising for my normal/combination skin and a plus is that it can even remove makeup. I usually use it after removing the bulk of my makeup with an oil-based makeup remover and I do find my skin to be very clean afterwards.sana2

On a side note, SANA also has a normal face wash (picture above), though I find that it pales in comparison to the Q10 one. It does not cleanse as well and is not as moisturising. You can see below that the normal face wash is more runny. It couldn’t even stay on my hand long enough for me to get a picture before dribbling everywhere. I personally prefer the Q10 over the normal face wash.

sana hand

I tend to have small little uneven patches on my skin as it breaks out in little tiny bumps which are visible only upon closer inspection, and I find that this face wash does help to reduce the occurrence of such breakouts and give me a smoother complexion.

Further, it contains various ingredients that help the skin retain its moisture and youthfulness:

  • Encapsulated Coenzyme Q10: it is an antioxidant that can penetrate deep into the skin tissue. Our body naturally produces CoQ10, but levels decline as we age. This decreases the body’s ability to produce collagen and elastin, resulting in our skin looking less youthful with more lines and wrinkles and decreased elasticity. The CoQ10 will help halt this process. Although research isn’t conclusive as to how effective products with CoQ10 are at slowing the ageing-process, but hey, we need all the help we can get right?
  • Soy isoflavones: these have a weak estrogenic effect and help to increase skin elasticity by increasing the number of elastic and collagen fibres and increasing blood supply (check this research paper out if you would like more details).
  • Soy protein: helps skin retain moisture and smooths out wrinkles.

With the Q10 face wash jam-packed with all these moisturising ingredients, it’s no wonder I find my skin so dewy after using it. And with anti-ageing benefits thrown in, what’s not to like? Even the boyfriend, whose skin tends to be more on the oily side, concurs and has specifically asked for me to buy an extra tube for him. Yep, he’s a convert as well!

I give this product 4/5 stars.

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S$17.90 (150g)

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