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Dovedale Peak District

12 April, 2015
Dove Dale
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I love road trips. Not so much the long-distance driving, but more of going to new places and seeing new things. I enjoy the nature and being in the UK where it is in abundance makes road trips the best choice for short getaways. The downside is just having to navigate out of London. The bad traffic, narrow roads and confusing roundabouts all make driving in London such a stressful ordeal I’m glad it’s not something I have to do on a regular basis.

The boyfriend and I had decided to go to Dovedale in the Peak District this easter break as it was rated quite highly on TripAdvisor. And after our scary experience on our Bangor road trip (I’ll save that story for another time), we wanted something more relaxing. An easy walk on flat land in Dovedale seemed like the perfect compromise between wanting to see some nature and not do sometime too strenuous.

Off we went on a Monday morning to pick up our rented car. After mistakenly driving into the Congestion Zone (totally my fault), we finally got out of London after over an hour. The 3+ hour journey to Dovedale involved some missed turns here and there which delayed our arrival, much to my chagrin. Perhaps it’s really time to get that GPS and not rely on our iPhones.

We arrived at the Dovedale carpark behind the Izaak Walton Hotel around 3 pm, which honestly was pretty late for a walk, but we had only planned a two-day trip so we didn’t have time to do the walk the next day.

The weather forecast for that week was pretty bad. Rain and wind and hail — not a good combination for when you’re hoping to catch the sun! It was supposed to rain the whole afternoon that day, so we were quite glad that the sky held up till we arrived at Dovedale. But what did you know–it started raining within 5 min of us arriving! Ironically, the very next week after our trip, the weather was nice, bright and sunny. Talk about bad timing…

We pressed on anyway, not wanting to waste the trip. We followed the directions from this site and printed a map from here. It was a pretty enjoyable walk despite the rain and was easy, totally unlike the uphill trek we did on Mount Snowdon. The only damper was meeting this little kid who accused us of stealing their language (?!) halfway through the walk.

At the Dove Holes we were trying to get a picture of the cave when two ducks approached us. We had brought some bread hoping to feed ducks and were delighted that they had come right up to us. My boyfriend accidentally allowed the female duck to grab the whole piece of bread and the two ducks proceeded to wrestle over it, dragging the bread over the muddy floor, as you can see in the short video below.

We unfortunately did not get many good pictures due to the gloomy weather and were bummed that we didn’t have the time to walk all the way to Milldale, though we came pretty close. All in all, it was still an enjoyable trip and I definitely relished the chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

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